When J.B writes and produces scripts, they come to life. Have a listen...

V1:  Not long after winter's final thaw, local farmers start working the rich Indiana soil in preparation for their life sustaining crops.

V2 (whisper): If you pour it they will come.

V1: For generations families have planted corn here, turning their fields into the bountiful harvests that fulfill the promises of the American Dream.

V2 (whisper): Beer.  Pour Beer.

V1: Excuse me - Is anyone else hearing that?

V2 (whisper): It's a no brainer Einstein...

ANNCR: This September 450 North and 92-3 WTTS present the second annual Corn Maze Beer Fest.  Over 40 Indiana craft brewers will be pouring beer inside a custom designed 5 acre corn maze...(cont.)

(Open nat. sound)

ANNCR:  Learning to read is not always easy.  For many it's just a matter of time and practice,  but for children struggling with dyslexia the process is often confusing, frustrating and daunting.  The Children's Dyslexia Center of Indianapolis is a dedicated and devoted resource that offers free after school tutoring by certified tutors for children struggling with dyslexia.  On April 30th The Children's Dyslexia Center Of Indianapolis is asking you to join them at the Scottish Rite Cathedral for a day of Tea Fashion and More as part of their fundraising efforts for Twenty Sixteen... (cont.)

V1: (frantic): Here, here, here - try this key but stick it in upside down this time

V2: (resigned to defeat): no.

V1: (still frantic): Okay, um, uh, where's that cook book again?

V3: The blue one, or the um, uh, the one with the recipe cards?

V1: (hurried): The blue one-

ANNCR: These people are trying to beat the clock at Enigma Puzzle House behind Wendy's on Bloomington's West Side.

V1: (defeated): Gah, There's too much here

V2: Okay, okay, well let's step back... Have you looked in all the drawers


V1: Totally empty

ANNCR: Enigma Puzzle house is the perfect place for friends and families to spend a few hours trying to untangle riddles and mind bending puzzles ...(cont.)

ANNCR:  It's time to stare some of life's biggest questions in the face.


Do you really want to go out to eat?


Obviously that answer is yes.


Do you crave huge angus burgers and steaks?  What about New York style pizza?


Again, yes.


Are you hoping to catch a game while you eat?


Of course!


But the biggest question is, do you really want to be surrounded by dusty yard sale junk and unwashed athletic jerseys while you eat?


Yeah... No... (cont.)

V1: Ok - This is the  audition for Claddagh Irish Pub Voice Actors. Take one.

V2: Claddagh Irish Pub

V1: Hm - A little angry.  Take Two.

V3: M-kay.

V4: Claddagh Irish Pub

​V1: You Know, why don't I do it... Claddagh Irish Pub near Banker's Life Field House is the perfect place to stop for a beer before a game, after a game, or...well, anytime you like. It's got a real authentic feel.  People know'em because they can pour a mean Guinness. They also have great fish and chips and half price appetizers between four and six.

That's Claddagh Irish Pub.  They've got room for all your friends.

(Open nat. sound)

ANNCR:  Step in to Chef Whitney's kitchen. 


Here now, don't be shy.

Yes. See, those aromas are from the Midwest's finest food sources

(sfx: mmm)

A Defining characteristic value of the Cibo catering value system.

These dishes have been developed through dedicated study and practice... (cont.)

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(Open nat. sound)

V1: Dude, why are we in the warehouse district.  Nothing happens here

V2: Well you might think so but check this out.

(sfx)(music up and under)

V1: Woah

V3: Welcome to Comics Elite.  I am "Generic Super Hero Guy"... DUCK!

(sfx)... (cont.)

ANNCR:  At Barrington Jewels it's not about what she wants - it's about who she is.  She is unique. She is dazzling. She is the center of your world and the rock that anchors you in place when everything is spinning around you.  She is kind. She is your one and only.  Visit Barrington Jewels today to find a piece of jewelry that shows off "who she is" and not just "what you think she wants"  The selection Barrington jewels is unparalleled... (cont.)

 VO: Lynn Simmons.