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The internet is full of interesting people.  This guy looks like - just moments ago - he forgot where he put down his glass of kombucha.  I do not look like this guy

Welcome to J.B.

Commercial Demo

You know that voice over you keep hearing on the radio?  Yeah that's J.B.  He has also been on TV and in the movies.

There's thinking outside the box, and then there's "I can't even see the box from here".

Character Demo

The concept of Radio Imaging is simple.  It's the idea that you can create an identity for something that is mostly invisible.

Alt. Radio Imaging

* more formats coming soon*

Promo Demo

Attention. Action. Arresting.  These are three words that start with the letter "A" and they all contribute to getting your message heard.

Long car rides and fitness workouts always seem like an easy chore when you have a great writer in your ear. Let the characters be a part of your life with an audiobook

Narration Demo

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