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Marble Surface

The Full Story

My father was a professional salesman, my grandfather a professional storyteller.  It only makes sense that I would end up telling stories in order to create capital for my clients.  After spending 20 years in the broadcasting business, I've managed to step into the shoes I inherited (although at times I still prefer barefoot).  When I do, things become simple.  A phrase gets turned.  A tagline gets tuned.  Content is created!


A frozen tundra stretched out to the base of the cliffs where our hero once stood above the plain.  Jagged rocks covered the carcasses of deer and coyotes that had made wrong turns in the winter fog.  This is no place for a two piece bikini.  This is a place where you need J.Peterman's oiled skin mukluks and merino wool extra insulated socks.


Fine marble is only uncovered after aging for aeons.  Heavy machinery extracts it from quarries that are often as deep as two football fields are long.  Carried then, by truck and train, your countertop is carefully measured, designed, and cut to YOUR specifications.  Now that you've made the effort to make the center of your kitchen standout, step back and listen as it becomes the center of conversation.

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