THANKS FOR COMING BACK!! Don't forget - Bertolli, California Pizza Kitchen and Haggen Dazs have no interest in your golf game. Any of these items can be cooked in the toaster oven in as much times as it takes to bake a pizza or stir P.F. Changs pasta on the stove.

THE LIST (eat as much as you like)



-Paleo Bacon


-Pork Chops

-Roasted Chicken

-Sausage Marinara (some sauces have sugar beware)


-Lunch Meat

-Meatballs with no breadcrubs mixed in (can be cooked in toaster)

-More Steak (beware glazes and BBQ sauces)

-Flavored Seltzer

-Diet Soda

-Fish (Tuna, Lobster, Scallops, Salmon)



-Yogurt (no added sugar)

-Salted Nuts

-Low Starch Veggies (tomatoes, celery, cucumber, green beans)

-More Paleo Bacon


**Stick to this list

**Your toaster oven is your secret weapon

**Always eat before you leave the house and always pack a snack from the list

**Expect to lose between five and ten pounds (weigh yourself at the beginning at at the end only.)

**Stick to this list