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Exploring the identity of a community through thoughtful conversation and carefully planned listening experiences make up the defining work characteristics of this lifelong radio producer and host.

Jake (Jacob) Levi Kuebler (Keebler) embraces the challenges of each day with keen insight on the topics that keep people talking.  Having hosted, written, produced and directed programming and promotional content for radio in San Francisco, California; Aspen, Colorado; Sacramento, California; as well as here in the Hoosier state, this broadcaster's ability to paint pictures with words and engage listeners' imaginations has been carefully crafted and honed.

Below you will find some samples of Jake's ability to clearly communicate public interest pieces as well as some older recordings that showcase his ability to enlighten and inform a local audience.

Take a listen to the quality of the announcing capabilities Jake possesses.

Jake digs into the local music scene.  Listen to live interviews with top performers and legends.

Visit Jake's Freelance Production/Voiceover Page to hear additional samples of his commercial work

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